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About us

TCONNECT is a high-performance Wi-Fi network that is available at all Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway stations, platforms and mezzanines. Launched in December 2013 with a mission to meet the growing needs of Toronto transit riders, TCONNECT’s high capacity network accommodates tens of thousands of users daily as they make their way through Toronto’s transit system.

TCONNECT is an advertiser sponsored Wi-Fi network that is FREE to TTC subway riders and allows access to the internet. Connecting is easy for TTC subway riders, who simply select SSID: ‘TCONNECT’ in the Wi-Fi settings of their wireless device, open their internet browser and click the connect button on the TCONNECT login page.

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As a leading communications infrastructure provider, our neutral host solutions connect people, enrich communities and advance economies. We design, build and operate cellular, Wi-Fi, broadcast, radio and IP networks all around the world.

We provide neutral host communications infrastructure to local governments, transit authorities, broadcasters and mobile network operators that allows them to deliver content, new applications and superior cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity.

In Toronto, BAI provides Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity at each station throughout the TTC subway system. Complete cellular connectivity in all TTC stations and throughout the subway tunnels will be completed by 2021 (with the ‘downtown loop’ completed as of May 2019). The TCONNECT Wi-Fi network handles approximately 150,000 sessions each day from some 100,000 unique devices.

BAI has also installed over 75 km of fibre in the TTC subway system.